Cancellation of driving lessons must be done no later than 24 hours before the agreed lesson time.

Cancellation of a compulsory lesson or course must take place no later than 3 days before the agreed time. In order for you not to be charged for the course, a medical certificate must be presented.

Cancellations of lessons for Mondays must be canceled no later than the Friday before, and before 12.00PM

If cancellation occurs on the same day, a charge will be made if a doctor's certificate cannot be provided.


Payment for driving lessons must be made after each completed hour via bank terminal or VIPPS.

When signing up for the Basic Traffic Course, Driving in the dark demonstration or the First Aid Course, you can choose to pay in advance online or when you arrive at the course. There you may choose to pay via bank terminal, VIPPS or cash.

When purchasing a package, the unused part of the package is not refunded. No invoice is issued.

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When registering for a course via our website, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this, it has probably ended up in your spam filter. If you still can't find the confirmation after checking your filter, contact us on tel: 22 44 54 10.




We want to provide you with a good and safe learning environment, so that you can become a responsible driver. Contact us today to start your road to your driver's license!

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