Oslo Team Trafikkskole

Established in 2008, Oslo Team Traffic School currently employs 8 professionally skilled driving instructors. All of them have pedagogical education from the Norwegian States Driving Instructor School. Our school has both female and male teachers, who speak different languages.

With our motto: "our students are our priority " we strive to deliver a driving education/training that is safe, supportive and effectively guides our students toward obtaining a driving license.

The school welcomes all new and current students to us.



Mette Knudsen

Tesla Y Performance

Driving instructor / General manager

(+47) 40 10 60 60

Beata Skaale


Office / administration

(+47) 22 44 54 10

Dag-Halvard Kristiansen

Manual, Audi A3

Driving instructor

(+47) 40 09 63 73

Thomas Mansell

Automatic, Tesla Y

Driving instructor

(+47) 93 00 44 90

Michael Pisaiyavong

Automatic, Tesla mod 3

Driving instructor

(+47) 96 69 66 67

Lennette Hammer

Tesla mod 3

Driving instructor

(+47) 90 52 66 03


Embark on your journey to obtaining your driver's license

We aim to offer you a qualified and secure learning atmosphere, enabling you to develop into a responsible driver. Reach out to us today to embark on your journey towards obtaining your driver's license!

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